FIRE is a university and private-sector, non-profit organization, managed by a board of Directors, elected by the principal membership.

Funding is obtained through membership fees, and is supplemented by Granting Agencies fostering international exchanges and synergies – to implement FIRE’s activities, based on five University’s Campus.

Accelerated advances in the development and use of refractory materials in parallel with the world wide technological revolution experienced in the last 30 years already are forcing all industries to be much more flexible and forward looking: to review strategies, upgrade products, revise operations and penetrate new markets….just to keep up.

FIRE’s function is to stimulate and reinforce the higher education system in refractory materials engineering in order to fulfill the cultural educational and research related needs of the Refractory Industry.

FIRE’s strength is in its unique grouping of expertise and the interplay amongst its members: academic researchers and producers learning from each other what to do to train qualified human resources to fill the demands of an international market place.

FIRE’s is the vehicle to carry forward the Refractory Industry in a cooperative and consolidated effort that will benefit each individual member involved (academics and producers).

FIRE’s is committed to providing responsive Education and Research Programs for the Refractory Industry that ensure its members are well positioned to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, at home and in the world, and enhancing the reputation of the University’s members.