We Love Working Together

FIRE is a great place to exchange, learn and benefit from being part of the world’s foremost refractory research and education consortium. We love working together with a real FIRE in our heart whether it be through our educational exchange programmes, FIRE sponsored research programmes, FIRE courses, workshops, seminars, project meetings, summer schools or AGM meetings. We  promote higher education in refractory materials engineering, fulfill the cultural, educational and research related needs of the refractories industry to provide conditions in order to graduate global professionals and we achieve this by working together across cultural differences and backgrounds.


We are truly a multidimensional network with diverse cultures, academic backgrounds and industrial experiences all focussed on furthering research and education in the field of Refractories which are truly extreme materials.  From senior academics to young engineers or researchers to junior or experienced industrial technologists, there are no barriers inside the FIRE network just a series of common aims and principles which allow us to effectively deliver state of the art pre-competitive research whilst fulfilling our educative missions at the same time. The delivered results show the value of partnership based research with a critical mass that can make a significant contribution to refractory knowledge being made underpinned by our facility and capacity to work together.


Where else can you find the leading academic and industrial technologists so able to leverage their skills to a common goal? We do it because we understand the sum of our collective endeavours is always going to be greater than the sum of our single and unitary actions. Most of all we do it because we like working together and it is fun whether it be during a seminar, research meeting or over a beer in the evening.

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